Date : 2012-04-13 00:34:01
What is ultraviolet(UV) sterilization ?
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It was proven, over 50 years ago, that UV rays are highly effective against the destruction of bacteria in water. UV rays have different properties, depending on the wavelength. The most common UV wavelengths range from 100nm - 400nm (1 nanometer = 7 -10 cm). These wavelengths are classified into three categories UV-C (100nm - 280nm), short wave, UV-B (280nm - 315nm), medium wave and UV-A (315nm - 400nm), long wave. Various UV discharge lamps are used to utilize the wavelengths most efficiently.
UV sterilizing lamps emit an abundant amount of UV wavelength 253.7nm, which has the highest amount of sterilizing power for UV-C. UV sterilization is very effective against bacteria, including viruses and mold. In addition, sterilizing lamps are easy to use and require little maintenance making their use very economical.
UV sterilization is used in many different areas besides the food industry, including medical treatments, cosmetics and electronics. It is also used in our everyday lives through sterilization of our drinking water and indoor air.

What is ultraviolet(UV) sterilization ?
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